Local Cabbage!

Last week’s Saturday Morning Superfoods was excellent! We had a good, diverse crowd, and had some really interesting things to talk about, and eat. Most people were delightfully surprised at how yummy kale chips are, so I actually didn’t get to eat too many. :-) Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks for being so curious about all sorts of local, healthy foods.

This week there will be a healthy, local take on coleslaw, maybe some green fruit smoothies with some of the very abundant local fruit and superfood greens, and some playing around with micro-scale grain harvesting.

Oh, and the flax cracker solution is officially up on Binikou.org, if you want the recipe. It’s here.

Fancy flax crackers with local wild foods!

Also, I want to remind folks that there will be no Saturday Morning Superfoods on September the 24th. But… if you’re at the Common Ground Fair that weekend, check out many of the wild foods walks and talks going on all weekend, and the mushroom talks too. And definitely consider going to the Green Smoothie presentation at noon on Sunday, and then Sunday at 2pm you have a rare treat of attending “Conquering Disease with Plant-based Foods” which is offered by the extra special guest Brian Clements of the Hippocrates Health Center (previously in Boston, now in Florida).

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